Westcontrol is a turnkey supplier that can design, develop and manufacture new products for the majority of industries and applications based on an idea.

The company was established in 1994. Today we have around 250 employees, split between our factories in Tau and Egersund.

Our services

Our aim is to help both entrepreneurs and established businesses to make the step from idea to finished product. We do this be offering everything from R&D to prototyping, testing and production.

We have an international development team with extensive experience in design and programming of electronic systems. Our engineers covers a wide specter of HW and SW solutions and will arrange, adapt and form the design specifications connected to the customer’s idea or product.

Westcontrol also produces and assembles everything from mass produced consumer electronics to products that are used in demanding environments.

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Westcontrol AS (headquarter) 
Find us: Teknologiveien 7, 4120 Tau
Phone: 51 74 10 00
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Westcontrol Robertson AS
Find us: Nyåskaiveien 2, 4374 Egersund
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